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Tintagel Parish Council – Vice Chairman’s Report -3rd February 2021

On the 2nd February 2021, the External Auditor’s Report was finally received by the Parish Council.

Despite the steady stream of vitriolic and erroneous statements, which have been published by a group of people, apparently intent on mischief, it has been clearly shown in the Auditor’s report that no Parish Council monies are or have been misappropriated/ misplaced or mis-accounted for.

To date, the 2019/20 Parish Council accounts have been audited four times, and each time have been deemed to accurately reflect the true financial situation of the Parish Council.

The conduct of those, who have sought to undermine this Parish Council and its Clerk, through innuendo and libellous statements, can also be deemed responsible for the costs which have been incurred by the Council, in pursuance of a truth – a truth which had been presented by the Responsible Finance Officer, at the date of submission of the original External Audit Document for 2019/20.

Sadly, the conduct and demands of a member of that group, and the consequent requirement to spend money in defence of spurious allegations and upon unnecessary auditing, has also deprived the Parishioners of Tintagel of the opportunities which could have been derived from positive, social investment of that money.

It is hoped that those, who have engaged in the behaviour outlined, will take this opportunity to reflect upon their conduct. Conduct that has caused hurt and distress and which, at all times was both unacceptable and reprehensible.

Cllr John Brookes.