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If you are the victim of a loan shark, help and support is available – please don’t suffer in silence. NOT SURE WHAT A LOAN SHARK IS? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions you might be borrowing from a loan shark: Did they offer you a cash loan? Did […]

Tintagel Parish Council Bank Accounts

For the avoidance of any doubt, evidence of the Parish Council bank balances is provided herewith. There have been claims that the total monies are not accounted for – that is not the case. The Parish Council has four bank accounts, three investment accounts and one working account. None of the investment accounts has been […]

Trevena Square & Bossiney Road Lavatories

Posted 21.07.20 Trevena Square and Bossiney Road Lavatories The Parish Council has now managed to appoint a cleaning contractor for the lavatories at Trevena Square and Bossiney Road Car Park. The facilities will be prepared this evening and opened as of 21st July.


20.07.20 Mr Gordon Jacobs recently contacted the Parish Clerk with an interesting story. Mr Jacobs was clearing out his late uncles’ property when he came across an old trophy. The cup was extremely tarnished, but the inscription was clear. The item was the old Tintagel and District Association Football League Trophy, which had been presented […]

Tintagel Visitor Centre Update 20.07.20

Tintagel Visitor Centre It has been resolved and agreed by the Members of Tintagel Parish Council that, due to the onerous conditions place on retailers, resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Tintagel Visitor Centre will be closed permanently. It is intended that the building will be retained and converted for the benefit and use of […]

Public Lavatories Update 20.07.20

TINTAGEL LAVATORIES UPDATE Tintagel Parish Council is currently seeking to appoint lavatory cleaning contractors to meet the requirement for cleaning set out by Government and Cornwall Council. We are currently awaiting the proposals from two separate agencies. As soon as possible, a further update will be posted on the Parish Council website. Carolyn Y. May […]