Latest Police report from PCSO 30665 Mike Dodd, Camelford Police Station

Below are the figures regarding crimes and incidents for the Camelford patch for the months of December and January up to 20th, that is including the villages round Camelford town, up to Crackington Haven and out to Warbstow and St Teath. Please click on picture to enlarge

Police report

The Forcewide figures for the same period show crime down 5.3%, incidents down 0.2% and ASB up by 1.4%
The East Cornwall figures are crime down by 10.7%, incidents down by 3.8% and ASB down by 10.2%
The Launceston Sector (the area covered by Inspector Paul NORLUND including Bude, Camelford and Callington) figures are crime being down by 20.5%, incidents down by 132% and ASB by 27.3%
The Camelford town figures show crime down by 47.1%, incidents down by 19% and ASB down by 100%.

Splitting out any other parishes produces numbers too low to be meaningful.
The difference in “Violence with or without injury” is often a matter of whether or not it is a slight reddening of the skin or bruising, if the two figures are added together then the has been no significant change.