Licensing Act6 2003 – Application for premises licence – The Tree of Life Cafe St Nectans Glen Trethevy Tintagel PL34 0BE

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  1. Emma Probets
    Emma Probets says:

    I hope the Parish Council will support local residents in opposing the application for an alcohol licence. My main objection to any further development to this busness venture is that it has already outgrown its location and put it at odds with both residents and the nature it claims to value and protect. The solicitor from St Nectan’s Glen waterfall, wrote to some residents inquiring of our interest in getting Genver Lane resurfaced due to its deterioration, and yet this is the public lane they expect visitor to navigate, having consumed alcohol, or negotiate the public footpath, which is slippery and takes concentration and judgement to use, both skills inhibited by alcohol consemption. I have reported the busness to the Enrironmental Health department due to them playing amplified music, (without a licence) noise, smell (they have 2 toilets that run into a soakaway and I suspect it can’t cope with the hundreds of people using it) people have defecated in our outside toilet and urinate in our back garden. Dogs run into our garden and our neighbours have had their chickens killed. The Waterfall encourage welbehaved dogs and considerate visitors, on their website, but again due to its remote location, they can’t supervise or manage their visitors, and have no responsibility for them once they have left the actual Waterfall site. However the visitors the still have a long way to get back to the carpark, down to the main road, where they find there are no additional toilets. Genver Lane is not not a Lane as many people imagine a Lane. Genver Lane is an unmade track, used by farm machinery, prone to mud slides and you have to put your wing mirrors in to drive up it because it is narrow and flanked by steep Cornish banks. There are no passing points and if you meet another vehicle coming down, you have to reverse to the bottom. This in itself is dangerous, however during the lock down, the waterfall put a ‘one way system’s in place, directing visitors to walk up the public footpath and down Genver Lane. They did not consider the conflict this would initiate between visitors and residents, who had to travel in both directions to access their properties, and vehicles that now had to reverse into groups of visitors dirrected to use the lane. I was shouted at and had my car banged on and my wingmirror pushed in. I told the Waterfall about the incident and if they had the right to make public lanes and public footpaths part of their busness, and they said they were acting on government Covid advice and I should report incidents to the police and the one way system would remain. They take no responsibility for guests once they have left the site and it is residents who pick up the litter, try and secure their properties and endure the horrendous lack of parking. Genver Lane has been blocked on a number of occasions. Emergency vehicles were stacked along the Lane and the helicopter was needed to airlift a visitor that was taken ill. An employee and well regarded local man was fatally injured and was not discovered until too late. I understand that Cornwall and especially North Cornwall, rely on tourism and although I believe Cllr s Brooks and Mik Goward are members of the Rotary club, with the solicitor for St Nectan’s Glen, I hope that if this is the case, they will declare any vested interest.
    There already so many issues that are caused by this bussness, in this location, that surely to support an application for an alcohol licence would be totally irresponsible and would only benefit the owner at be detrimental to local residents and the majority of visitors that don’t visit a waterfall to have a drink!

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