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Please note the full list of TVC Payments for the period 2019/20 – all invoices are accounted for and the sums paid have been reconciled to the Tintagel Parish Council Bank Account.

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The Parish Council hereby provides copies of the income schedule (for the period 2019/20) for Tintagel Visitor Centre.

Also, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) Batch Reports.

These are for the period 1st June 2019 until 26th February 2020. The Batch Reports show the daily breakdown of sales (in taxable/ non-taxable form). These sums are then incorporated into the income schedule.

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Tintagel Parish Council Bank Accounts

For the avoidance of any doubt, evidence of the Parish Council bank balances is provided herewith.

There have been claims that the total monies are not accounted for – that is not the case. The Parish Council has four bank accounts, three investment accounts and one working account. None of the investment accounts has been accessed/ monies removed, at any time during the past three years. That is, the Parish Council has kept the said accounts intact.

The Parish Council has managed all costs from the working account and the statements from that account are available to view – on request.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, the Parish Council has nothing to hide – there are no anomalies, a point confirmed by the Chairman of another local Parish Council, who inspected the full records of Tintagel Parish Council on the 6th August 2020.

It is also respectfully pointed out by the Parish Councillors of Tintagel that the salary of the Clerk is agreed by the Full Council, following serious consideration of all of the relevant facts. The Clerk has received only one salary rise in the past three years and does not currently claim the pension contributions to which she is fully entitled. The salary of the Clerk is confidential.

Trevena Square & Bossiney Road Lavatories

Posted 21.07.20

Trevena Square and Bossiney Road Lavatories

The Parish Council has now managed to appoint a cleaning contractor for the lavatories at Trevena Square and Bossiney Road Car Park.

The facilities will be prepared this evening and opened as of 21st July.



Mr Gordon Jacobs recently contacted the Parish Clerk with an interesting story.

Mr Jacobs was clearing out his late uncles’ property when he came across an old trophy. The cup was extremely tarnished, but the inscription was clear. The item was the old Tintagel and District Association Football League Trophy, which had been presented by none other than Mr F.T, Glasscock. in 1919.

Mr Jacobs asked if the Parish Council would like the item. The alternative was that it would be offered to charity, possibly to be sold and melted down for the silver content.

The Clerk accepted the offer to receive the cup on behalf of the Parish Council and the item was forwarded to her on the     16th July 2020.

On receipt of the cup, an inspection noted that the item was silver and had been made by the famous jeweller, Mappin and Webb of London. The following inscriptions, on the cup, were clear:


1919-20                Bude

1920-21                Wadebridge

1921-22                Tintagel

1922-23                Tintagel

1923-24                Camelford.

Thereafter, there appears to have been a hiatus, prior to the trophy being reinstated as the ‘North Cornwall Youth Clubs Tournament Cup’, in 1948.

The following shields are attached to the wooden plinth of the cup;

1948                       Padstow

1949                       Tintagel

1959                       Nanpean Minors

It has been agreed that it will now be retained by the Parish Council and be placed in an appropriate cabinet at the new Tintagel Community Hub.

Tintagel Visitor Centre Update 20.07.20

Tintagel Visitor Centre

It has been resolved and agreed by the Members of Tintagel Parish Council that, due to the onerous conditions place on retailers, resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Tintagel Visitor Centre will be closed permanently.

It is intended that the building will be retained and converted for the benefit and use of the community.

The Parish Council wishes to thank the Volunteers for their years of dedication and hard work.

Tintagel Parish Council

Public Lavatories Update 20.07.20


Tintagel Parish Council is currently seeking to appoint lavatory cleaning contractors to meet the requirement for cleaning set out by Government and Cornwall Council. We are currently awaiting the proposals from two separate agencies.

As soon as possible, a further update will be posted on the Parish Council website.

Carolyn Y. May

Clerk to Tintagel Parish Council

Notice of Public Rights and supporting documentation for the Financial Year ending 31st March 2020.

Please click to view in full.

Response from Tintagel Parish Council to a letter posted on the “Tintagel Web”.

Dear Sir,

It was with some interest that we read the statement on your website – appertaining to Tintagel Visitor Centre. It is perhaps a pity that the author of the commentary was unwilling to add his, or her, name to the piece.

It is clear from the quotation from the Parish Council Minutes for May 2020, that the author of this statement has been rather selective in his, or her, offering to the public. He, or she, has clearly omitted the fact that the Visitor Centre has made substantial losses for a lengthy period of time, and that those losses are being met by the Parishioners of Tintagel. Nor is the fact that one suggestion under consideration is the creation of a community space for Parishioners alluded to.  The author was evidently aware of the comments raised (clearly articulated in published minutes) a month ago – yet pens his, or her, statement a few days prior to the next Parish Council Meeting. How could this individual have been so negligent? –  failing to provide adequate notice to Parishioners of his, or her, opposition and disgust and offering an early opportunity to object to any changes relating to the TVC?

Yet, in his, or her, statement, there is no cohesive argument put forward to justify why such a facility should be retained, or highlighting the perceived benefits that the facility brings to the village. Does he, or she, ask how many Parishioners use the Visitor Centre? Do they object to financing the centre? – not a bit of it!

Tintagel is an area of severe deprivation, as attested to by the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Is it fair that those who are struggling to meet their financial and social commitments should unnecessarily bear the costs of a loss making enterprise? Perhaps the author of the letter does not share the hardships of those who are struggling. The principle, that the poor should finance the wealthy, was clearly disabused at the time of the French Revolution.

Despite inferences to the contrary, the public has had a month to register any views which they hold in respect of the suggestions made about the TVC at the last Parish Council meeting. Only ONE has been received (on 29th June 2020).

The author of the statement has also provided erroneous and misleading advice to readers. Whilst the Parish Council Meetings are ‘virtual’, our published agenda clearly advises Parishioners that they can access the Meetings by requesting a link to the same.

Tintagel Parish Council 30.06.20