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Flowers and Wildlife of South Africa,

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Resident’s Parking Permits


Parking Permits for the Resident’s Car Park in Tintagel


The Parish of Tintagel is very fortunate in that we have access to a free resident’s car park at Trevena Square, and there are also a few resident’s parking spaces on the Council car park. Providing the car has a parking permit displayed on the windscreen, parishioners can park for up to one hour free of charge at Trevena Square and 30 minutes on the Council car park. Provided you have a valid parking permit, there is no time limit between the hours of 6pm to 6am.

 Cornwall Council will no longer be providing the enforcement of the parking area at Trevena Square, and this will now be enforced by A.S. Parking as from Friday 24th June, 2016.

 There is no excuse for not displaying a valid permit if you qualify for one. Parking permit application forms are available on the Tintagel Parish Council website, 


 Permit forms can also be obtained from The Visitor Centre.


 Please note that you must obtain a new permit every time you change your car, the number on the permit will only match that of the licence plate of the vehicle on the permit database. Therefore, if there are any queries and the permit has been found to have been altered in any way, your permit will be classified as invalid.


Do you have a couple of hours to spare? Become a volunteer at Tintagel Visitor Centre!

Would you like to volunteer at the Visitor Centre?

Tintagel Visitor Centre is manned almost entirely by volunteers from the parish council and local people. The volunteers work for the satisfaction of building our community, assisting the thousands of tourists that visit Tintagel and the surrounding area and helping our beautiful village to thrive.

We are in need of a few more volunteers particularly during periods of sickness and holidays. So if you’d like to be involved, whether you can offer just 1 or 2 hours a week or a morning or afternoon shift, we would welcome you to join our team. And although it’s a worthy activity, it is great fun too!

If you are interested, please complete and return the Volunteer Registration Form by clicking here or pop into the Centre for a chat.

Patient Participation Group – Bottreaux Surgery

The Patient Participation Group of Bottreaux Surgery are looking for new members from the Tintagel area as there are no patients from this area in the group. At present, there are only representatives from the Crackington Haven and Boscastle area.

You can make a difference, have your say and air your opinions!

The next meeting is on the 18th August, 2016 at 7pm. If you are interested, or would like more information on how the group works, contact:-

Janey Comber 01840 230497 or email janey@jcomber.plus.com

Tintagel Visitor Guide 2016


Volunteers at the Visitor Centre and members of the Parish Council are pleased to announce that the Guide has been updated and published for 2016.  View the guide on this website or call in to the Visitor Centre and pick up your Free copy.

Cornwall Local Plan – Strategic Polices

Public consultation on Schedule of further significant changes to the Local Draft Plan.

25th January to 5pm on 7th March 2016. Click on poster attachment for full details.

Cornwall Local Plan-Public Consultation

Latest Police report from PCSO 30665 Mike Dodd, Camelford Police Station

Below are the figures regarding crimes and incidents for the Camelford patch for the months of December and January up to 20th, that is including the villages round Camelford town, up to Crackington Haven and out to Warbstow and St Teath. Please click on picture to enlarge

Police report

The Forcewide figures for the same period show crime down 5.3%, incidents down 0.2% and ASB up by 1.4%
The East Cornwall figures are crime down by 10.7%, incidents down by 3.8% and ASB down by 10.2%
The Launceston Sector (the area covered by Inspector Paul NORLUND including Bude, Camelford and Callington) figures are crime being down by 20.5%, incidents down by 132% and ASB by 27.3%
The Camelford town figures show crime down by 47.1%, incidents down by 19% and ASB down by 100%.

Splitting out any other parishes produces numbers too low to be meaningful.
The difference in “Violence with or without injury” is often a matter of whether or not it is a slight reddening of the skin or bruising, if the two figures are added together then the has been no significant change.