Due to the severe weather forecast for Friday and Saturday, Tintagel Castle with its new footbridge will now re-open on Sunday 11th August. As you know it is normal procedure to close access to the island side of Tintagel Castle when high winds (Gale Force 8 and above) are forecast. I understand and share everyone’s disappointment but we can’t control the weather!

We will be contacting all Friday and Saturday’s tickets holders by email today to explain the new arrangements. Bookings for this Friday will be honoured for the same timeslots on Sunday and similarly booking for Saturday will carry across to the Monday at the same times. Those who can’t make the new dates will be able to arrange a refund or rebook.

We will therefore continue to send staff to the visitor centre on Friday and Saturday to respond to any enquiries. From Sunday onwards all my staff will need to be on site so we will be unable to support the visitor centre once we are fully reopened.

At the moment the forecast is a little wet, but not too windy on Thursday for the residents preview, so we are still planning to go ahead with this.



Trevena Square car park is open to permit holders only. All visitors should use the public car parks, which are situated in other parts of the village.

Motorhomes may not be parked in Trevena Square, either throughout the day or overnight. Waste may not be emptied in the lavatories or upon the ground.


CCTV is in operation in this area


The works at Tintagel Castle are almost complete and we will reopen on Friday 9th August. We’re really looking forward to visitors experiencing our spectacular new bridge!
For the first time we are introducing timed tickets at Tintagel Castle, which will be available to book in advance on our website from Wed 31 Jul. Booking ahead is advised for all our visitors, including English Heritage members, to guarantee admission on the day and at the time you would like.

Ahead of this opening we are inviting all residents of Tintagel Parish to an exclusive preview of the site on Thursday 8 August from 16.30 – 19.00, to experience the castle and footbridge themselves. Residents who wish to attend should arrive at the Castle entrance between 16.30 and 18.00 with a recent utility or council tax bill as evidence of their address within the Parish. The land rover service will be operational at this time.


Open to the Public 10am – Wadebridge Rotary

See poster for full details.Wheels 140719

Notice of Public rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return for Year ended 31st March 2019

Tintagel Audit 2018-19

Tintagel Castle Update 29th May 2019

Update on Tintagel Castle Opening

Work on the new footbridge at Tintagel Castle is well underway and both the castle and bridge will open this summer. We will announce the opening date as soon as possible.

The footbridge is an ambitious, complex engineering project and one that we need to get right.

We are working towards opening as soon as we can but until we know more we have notified tour groups that we will not be taking group bookings for the Castle until after the 5 July.

We are promoting through our group bookings team, website and social media that Tintagel village is open for business and there are great attractions in the area.

We are very much aware of concerns from some local businesses. The new footbridge is an exciting project and one that will bring long-term benefits to Tintagel and its businesses. We have worked hard to make sure that the site is closed for as short a time as possible.

The steel sections of the bridge have been fabricated offsite and will start to arrive at Tintagel Castle in the next couple of weeks. The sections will then be slotted into position, recreating the historic link between the mainland and island one piece at a time. There are no planned road closures or plans to close an entire car park. Any disruption to Atlantic Road should be similar to that of normal business deliveries.

During the works the coastal path and public footpaths will continue to be accessible.

I will be providing a further update to the Parish Council Meeting on the 5th June.

When the site reopens there will be a few changes to how our visitors experience Tintagel.

We will be introducing timed ticketing, to manage the flow of visitors through the day. This means that for the first time visitors will be able to book their tickets in advance. Booking is not compulsory and tickets can be purchased on the day at our normal ticket outlets.

To help ease congestion on our busiest days, we will be encouraging visitors to take a circular route and enter the castle from its original entrance on the mainland before walking across the bridge to the great hall. Our newly improved footpaths on the island will make it easier for visitors to explore all the points of interest before heading down the existing steps towards the exhibition, toilets and beach. Anyone who cannot use the steps will be allowed back across the bridge. Anyone who would rather not cross the bridge will be able to use the existing steps up to the island instead.

If you have any questions please email tintagel.bridge@english-heritage.org.uk


Dear Parishioners,
As you may be aware, the Parish Council has installed electronic entrance systems at the lavatories in Trevena Square and at the Bossiney Road Car Park.
The purpose of the installation was to reduce the burden to the local ratepayer of financing the lavatories. The previous system of entry relied upon the honesty of those using the facilities, to pay the sum of 20 pence, through use of the coin machines. Sadly, there was a substantial amount of abuse to the system, with persons wedging doors open, or holding them open for other users. These practices resulted in a large loss of revenue to the Parish and the need for the deficit to be met from the Parish Council Precept (therefore, by the ratepayers in the Parish).
Consequently, it was agreed that a more sophisticated system should be installed, which would ensure that the majority of users of the facilities would pay.
Sadly, shortly after the installation of the entry system, the lavatories at Trevena Square were vandalised, with the entry system being rendered unusable in the ladies’ lavatories. Therefore, the ladies’ lavatory have been closed.
The vandalism has been reported to the police. However, it is regrettable that, unless the perpetrators are identified and sued, the cost of repairs to the same will fall (yet again) upon the local ratepayers.
In the event that you have any information relating to the acts of vandalism carried out at the Trevena Square Lavatories, on Monday 27th May 2019, between 1 pm and 6 pm, please contact the Clerk, so that the information can be forwarded to the police.

Carolyn Y. May
Parish Clerk