Learnyay helps adults find free education courses and training. By connecting them with ESFA and local authority funded colleges, schools and training providers in their area.

With many people furloughed and self-isolating, we feel it’s more important than ever to raise awareness about free education courses and training. Home learning will help people make the most of their time and cope better with self-isolation. It will also improve their employment prospects at a time when many jobs are a risk.



Latest Community Toolkit form Cornwall Council.

Covid-19 Community Toolkit 09_04_20


Footpath 15, Tintagel – emergency closure

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 S.14: Temporary Prohibition of Traffic
Location: Footpath 15, Tintagel
Timing: Initially 7th to 27th April 2020 (24 hours, weekends included) then to be extended to 27th October 2020
Reason for Emergency Closure: public safety – cliff collapse
Contact: Donald Martin, Cornwall Council, Tel: 0300 1234 202

The above closure has been approved and is now in progress. Please click the following link to view a map and associated documents:
View on

Applicants and contractors are reminded that they are responsible for the provision, erection, maintenance and removal of all necessary signing. Applicants are also reminded that they have undertaken to notify all interested parties known to be directly affected by the closure/restriction including, if appropriate, all frontagers on the length of the road such as local residents and businesses as well as other trader who may have to make deliveries and/or collections in the area.

Kind Regards
Transport and Infrastructure Service
Cornwall Council
Tel: 0300 1234 222

PLANNING – APPEAL DECISION Kilcummer Barn, Tregeath Lane, Trewarmett, Tintagel PL34 0EA

Appeal Ref: APP/D0840/W/19/3243906
Kilcummer Barn, Tregeath Lane, Trewarmett, Tintagel PL34 0EA

PA19-04679 Land east of Kilcummer Tregeath Lane Trewarmett Tintagel


Application PA20/01956
Proposal: Outline application for residential development (demolition of existing garage) with all matters reserved.
Location: Truckle Trelake Lane Treknow Tintagel
Applicant: Mr Clive ORiordan
Grid Ref:  205662 / 86837

The above-mentioned application has been received by the Planning and Sustainable Development Service and is available for you to view and submit comments through the “Consultee Access Site”.

1. You can access the application on which we are inviting your comments using the following link :

2. Retrieve the application by entering the reference quoted above and then clicking the “Search” button.

3. Details can then be found by clicking the “Documents” tab and then selecting “View Associated Documents”.

In accordance with Section 47 of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 Cornwall Council, as the Local Planning Authority, gives permission for Town and Parish
Councils to reproduce planning applications if they are to be used in any format at their meetings (projecting paperless plans or hard copy).

Comments to the Parish Clerk by email only: please send no later than 18th April 2020 please.



Members of the public have contacted the Parish Clerk to report that children and young people have been congregating at the lower end of Trevena Square.

Whilst the Parish Council, as a body, accepts that these are difficult times for everybody, it is important that the Government guidance, relating to social distancing and restrictive outdoor exercise, are observed.


Help our local shops to help you at this difficult time

For the benefit of anyone who’s housebound for any reason – including self-isolation due to the coronavirus – here’s a list of local shops and suppliers happy to deliver direct to your home. They’ve really stepped up to the plate during this time of crisis, doing everything they can to make sure their customers, especially the elderly and vulnerable, don’t run out of essential supplies.

They’re providing a vital service to our local community at a time when the major supermarkets are struggling to cope with demand so let’s support them. Please spread the word about the following suppliers to anyone you know who’s having difficulty getting a regular source of food and other essentials and who may not have access to the Internet.

Most accept payment over the phone. Some accept cash on delivery but this may stop as the situation worsens. Some offer free delivery but in other cases delivery charges may apply depending on the cost of your order so check when you call.

If you are a local business or know of a business which should be included in this list please let us know via our contact form

Premier, Tintagel – Tel: 01840 770323. Drop-off and collection point for prescriptions.

Spar, Tintagel – Tel:  01840 770295

Spar, Boscastle – Tel: 01840 250419. Drop-off and collection point for prescriptions.

Boscastle Farm Shop – Tel:  01840 250827

Hilltop Farm, Slaughterbridge – Tel:  01840 211518

The Old Manor House, Boscastle – Tel: 01840 250251  Free delivery of fresh pasties and sausage rolls

North Cornwall Food Hub – 07905 290530. Orders must be in by 9pm on a Monday for delivery on Wednesday.

If you’re concerned about the spread of the virus via home deliveries, here’s some useful advice from the Huffington Post on how to handle packages safely.

We’ll bring you more news shortly regarding the delivery of free toilet rolls to the over-65s and vulnerable residents in our community.

Keep safe everyone!



Carolyn May
Parish Clerk to Tintagel Parish Council
A2 Victoria Advent House
Station Approach
Roche PL26 8LG

T: 01726 210139




POSTED 27.03.20

Resolution to cancel meetings approved (Proposed: Councillor Flower; Seconded: Councillor Brookes) Motion Carried

Resolution passed that the Parish Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure Parish Council business continuity during the period of the pandemic Coronavirus, informed by consultation with the Members of the Parish Council (Proposed: Councillor Flower; Seconded: Councillor Brookes) Motion Carried

Resolution passed that the Parish Council permits delegated authority to the Clerk in consultation Working Party as a Sub-Committee of the Parish Council to deal with Planning Applications, given that none have any financial interest in the project, consisting of Members of the Parish Council, allowing comments to be sent to the Parish Clerk, with information being put on the Website (Proposed: Councillor Flower; Seconded: Councillor Brookes) Motion Carried

Resolution passed that the Parish Council adopts a broad delegation which will allow it to continue to operate outside of meetings until such time as the advice changes. Rather than using physical meetings, the Parish Council should use email and its website as far as possible to replicate debate and the gathering of public opinion (Proposed: Councillor Flower; Seconded: Councillor Brookes) Motion Carried

POSTED 23.03.20

The next meeting of Tintagel Parish Council was due to place on Wednesday 1st April but in light of the present difficult circumstances, the meeting will not go ahead. We will update you with regards to the May meeting in due course. However, we will still find a less formal way to agree our approach to providing local support to the community and business will continue.

The Clerk is in constant communication with the Chairman and all the Parish Councillors, and decisions will still be made.

At the present time, the Parish Council is putting in place arrangements to work with Cornwall Council’s local Community Link Officer (CLO) and teams across the authority.

If you know of any local residents who need support, or if there are any local issues related to the COVID-19 response, please let the Parish Council know. We will forward the information through to the CLO, who will be best placed to organise a response from the relevant team at Cornwall Council and associated partner organisations.

To pass information on, please contact the Parish Clerk.
Carolyn May 01726 210139 – or

The Cornwall Council website is continuing to post daily updates on its website –

Volunteer Cornwall now have an online referral form for their Coronavirus support service (for vulnerable people who need assistance during isolation) –

The Parish Council will also be passing on further information, as and when we can but, we would ask you to bear with us in these difficult times.

Stay safe everyone.

A39 Atlantic Highway – Camelford Improvement

March 2020 – Scheme Background
The A39 has been identified as part of the DfT designated MRN which provides potential funding for schemes in period 2020 – 2025. DfT’s guidance suggests Government funding for MRN interventions will normally be between £20 million and £50 million, with 15% Local contribution from promoters.
The A39 Atlantic Highway improvement (Camelford bypass) scheme was identified as a MRN priority scheme in the Regional Evidence Base (REB) work undertaken by the Peninsula Sub National Transport Body (STB) last summer. Subsequently a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) was submitted to the DfT in 2019.
At their meeting 24 July 2019 (link here) Cabinet supported the submission of the SOBC and committed in principle to provide a 15% local contribution in line with DfT requirements
The current traffic problems and associated issues in Camelford area and the objectives of the scheme are detailed in the Cabinet report and summarised in the graphic appended.
Recent progress and way forward Programme
A series of public consultations were held in January and February 2020 showing the route of the proposed road. There were 585 attendees and the feedback (by 9th March) shows 79.2% support with 15.7% against and 5.1% did not give a response. The consultation period ends on the 16th April 2020. The scheme is fully supported by Camelford Town Council and is included within the draft Neighbourhood Plan as their key objective for transportation.
The next step on the scheme is to develop the preliminary design leading to the submission in the autumn of the OBC to the DfT. The work for the OBC will include a review of the feedback given by residents in the recent consultation with an improved design will try to accommodate the wishes of the residents wherever possible. The traffic modelling used for the SOBC will need to be updated to produce a more robust traffic model to ascertain potential traffic reassignment and journey time benefits of the scheme. A series of technical and environmental surveys will also need to be carried out along the route. All of this work will allow a better determination of the likely construction costs alongside a more robust traffic model that will feed into the economic model justifying the scheme. A further review will be needed of local development and likely business investment that may follow the opening of the bypass.
Approval of the OBC means the scheme would have achieved ‘Programme Entry’ with DfT essentially agreeing in-principle to fund delivery of the road. This decision is likely to be made towards the end of this year or early in 2021. This will be followed by preparation of the Final Business Case that will include all statutory approvals including obtaining Planning consent and securing the required land.
Briefing Note
Information Classification: CONTROLLED
The key tasks, milestones and risks going forward are summarised in the tables below:
A39 Camelford tasks and indicative Timescales 1 OBC Preparatory work – Appraisal Specification report (ASR) – Environmental Scoping – Traffic surveys – June and August 2019 – Design review and cost estimate update March till August 2019 2 Submission of Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) July 2019 GATEWAY SOBC considered by Sub regional Transport Body (STB) for ‘Support in principle’ Summer 2019 3 Public and stakeholder engagement to confirm the preferred route Jan/feb 2020 Gateway Funding for the OBC stage announced by DfT March 2020
Preliminary design and development
Spring/ summer 2020
Submission of Outline Business Case (OBC) (for subsequent milestones assume 3 months from OBC to programme entry decision)
Sept 2020 Gateway Approval in principle by DfT to fund construction Dec 2020
Planning application and statutory processes
Spring 2021
Land negotiation and CPO development
Spring/ summer 2021
Detailed Design and tender
Spring/ summer 2021
Full Business Case submitted to DfT*
end 2021
Start of Construction
(assume 3 months from FBC to funding commitment)
Spring/ summer 2022
Scheme open to public
End 2023
*Assuming Planning, land and statutory process complete with scheme tender price required
The cost of developing the scheme to OBC stage was estimated at £808k. An announcement in the budget on the 11th March 2020 confirmed that the Government will provide £540k to Cornwall Council to develop the OBC for the scheme. This is lower than the 85% level of funding sought (£671K) from DfT by the Council in the SOBC submission. The Council is currently investigating how to make up the shortfall to progress the OBC and implications this will have for programme delivery of the scheme.
Prepared by:
Name: Douglas Boden
Job title: Major Transport Scheme Principal Officer, Transport and Infrastructure
Date: 18/03/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – it’s time for Tintagel to rally round!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – it’s time for Tintagel to rally round!
Never in peacetime has there been a more important moment for us to rally the community spirit of Tintagel and do all we can to support each other through the difficult weeks (probably months) ahead.

This week the parish council has ordered emergency supplies of toilet paper, soap and disinfectant which we’ll be distributing free to older people and some of the most vulnerable residents in our community. We’ve closed the Tintagel Visitor Centre and will be using it as a storage and distribution facility – we’ll bring you more news on this shortly.

In the meantime, local residents are already doing their bit to ensure anyone who’s in self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t feel abandoned by their community.

In Trethevy, residents have set up a Facebook group offering to help anyone who’s self-isolating, particularly those who don’t have family and friends living locally. The “Trethevy Community” group has brought together a team of neighbours ready to provide support in the form of shopping, posting letters, ensuring the continuing supply of essential medications or simply offering a reassuring chat on the phone. The group provides useful information about local shops offering to take orders by phone and deliver to people’s homes – this could be crucial in the coming weeks as supermarkets become overwhelmed by panic buying and a huge increase in online shopping. For the benefit of people who aren’t internet savvy, the Trethevy group has delivered leaflets to more than 30 local homes offering help and providing a contact telephone number which residents can call for advice, help or just a listening ear.

We’d like to see residents all over Tintagel developing similar initiatives. We know we have a strong community here but we need to make sure no-one “slips through the net” and is left alone, isolated, afraid and without support at this very worrying time.

You may have seen on the news that a Cornishwoman has designed a print-at-home template which is what the Trethevy residents used to spread the word about their support group. They’ve had a really heart-warming response to their leaflet drop so you might want to do something similar. You can download the postcard here

People forced to stay at home and missing their daily walks, game of golf, local exercise class or whatever form of activity they normally do, may want to try these online exercises, developed by Age UK and specifically designed for older people to do in the comfort of their own home. We all know that loneliness is an epidemic in itself and there’s a real risk that it will get worse in the current crisis, especially with the latest Government advice to avoid all non-essential social contact. For older people with no-one to talk to there’s a free, confidential telephone helpline Silver Line which offers information, friendship and advice 24 hours a day.

Finally, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest information about how to prevent the spread of the virus and what to do if you fall ill. There’s a lot of conflicting advice and misinformation circulating at the moment so use the NHS England web site for the latest official advice.

Stay safe everyone and we’ll bring you more news in the next few days.