Reported on : CORNWALL LIVE – 11th January 2020
Rule changes regarding the issuing of parking tickets by private parking firms will makes ‘fines’ a thing of the past for many motorists.
A new code of conduct is being rolled out across the country which will slash the number of parking tickets drivers have to put up with.
The British Parking Association (BPA) has announced new rules which its members will have to abide by – and they mean ‘dodgy’ parking Charge Notices doled out to drivers will be a thing of the past.
Even if ‘rogue’ private parking firms continue to hand out the notices, often wrongly referred to as fines, the BPA will instantly overturn them at the first stage of appeal – meaning you simply won’t have to pay.
Already 74 per cent of challenges to parking changes are upheld – and the new rules will drive that close to 100 per cent.
The news will come as a huge relief to drivers plagued by private parking companies keen to hand out huge penalties for the simplest of infractions – and sometimes no mistake at all.
The BPA is one of two regulatory bodies that oversees private parking in the UK – and the Government is also set to roll out a new country-wide code of conduct to make sure all parking follows the same rules.