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Tintagel Parish Council Bank Accounts

For the avoidance of any doubt, evidence of the Parish Council bank balances is provided herewith.

There have been claims that the total monies are not accounted for – that is not the case. The Parish Council has four bank accounts, three investment accounts and one working account. None of the investment accounts has been accessed/ monies removed, at any time during the past three years. That is, the Parish Council has kept the said accounts intact.

The Parish Council has managed all costs from the working account and the statements from that account are available to view – on request.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, the Parish Council has nothing to hide – there are no anomalies, a point confirmed by the Chairman of another local Parish Council, who inspected the full records of Tintagel Parish Council on the 6th August 2020.

It is also respectfully pointed out by the Parish Councillors of Tintagel that the salary of the Clerk is agreed by the Full Council, following serious consideration of all of the relevant facts. The Clerk has received only one salary rise in the past three years and does not currently claim the pension contributions to which she is fully entitled. The salary of the Clerk is confidential.