Dear Parishioners,
As you may be aware, the Parish Council has installed electronic entrance systems at the lavatories in Trevena Square and at the Bossiney Road Car Park.
The purpose of the installation was to reduce the burden to the local ratepayer of financing the lavatories. The previous system of entry relied upon the honesty of those using the facilities, to pay the sum of 20 pence, through use of the coin machines. Sadly, there was a substantial amount of abuse to the system, with persons wedging doors open, or holding them open for other users. These practices resulted in a large loss of revenue to the Parish and the need for the deficit to be met from the Parish Council Precept (therefore, by the ratepayers in the Parish).
Consequently, it was agreed that a more sophisticated system should be installed, which would ensure that the majority of users of the facilities would pay.
Sadly, shortly after the installation of the entry system, the lavatories at Trevena Square were vandalised, with the entry system being rendered unusable in the ladies’ lavatories. Therefore, the ladies’ lavatory have been closed.
The vandalism has been reported to the police. However, it is regrettable that, unless the perpetrators are identified and sued, the cost of repairs to the same will fall (yet again) upon the local ratepayers.
In the event that you have any information relating to the acts of vandalism carried out at the Trevena Square Lavatories, on Monday 27th May 2019, between 1 pm and 6 pm, please contact the Clerk, so that the information can be forwarded to the police.

Carolyn Y. May
Parish Clerk;